How to renew your Cisco Meraki License for your MR series access points switch MX or other devices such as your cameras.

The first thing you wanna do is go to your Meraki Dashboard and log in. Once you log in to Cisco Meraki Dashboard you want it over the organization. Go to license info and here you can see a list of keys that you have here at the bottom. The renewal, devices and the license term. 

In order to add another license. The first thing you wanna do is get an actual license from an authorize reseller. Once you get that key or that license information. The email is gonna look something similar to this. The first thing you gonna do is get your valid license from your authorize Meraki seller and they gonna forward you an email and it's gonna look something like this. 

Let's say you purchase hardware then you get a tracking number. Then, you will get a Meraki order number as well as a dashboard license key. These are probably the two most important things because you can start adding devices even prior to equipment actually arriving physically on site. You actually grab your dashboard key. Just copy and paste that.

You can also add another license if you want. You can also renew or license more devices and if you a license key. You're going to match it up with your license key. Once you'll add-in. You can actually see you can start to add devices into your inventory. So you could actually start to claim them. Once the license key is added you can just go to every physical box and then start entering the serial numbers of your devices and just claim them. Then, you can start putting them into a network.  

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