Meraki License Renewal

Meraki License Renewal

We aim to provide a simple and efficient way to renew your expiring Cisco Meraki Licenses with great pricing and quick turn-around.

*Note : Serial Numbers are no longer required when ordering a renewal.

View a quick video on how to renew your Meraki license.


All current Cisco Meraki devices require a valid license per device to operate.

When renewing  your Cisco Meraki license, or upgrading from Enterprise to an Advanced Security License on an MX, you must purchase a license for ALL individual devices resident under the organization at the same time.

For example - If you had an MX64 Enterprise license and an AP License in the Dashboard, and you wanted to upgrade to the Advanced Security License on the MX64, you would need to purchase the MX64 Advanced Security License and renew the AP license at the same time.

Check out the information below to get a better understanding of how Cisco Meraki's licensing works!

Organization-wide Licensing

Cisco Meraki licensing is applied on an Organization-wide basis. What this means is that a license isn't purchased for a specific device, rather each license added to the Organization increases the number of a specific device typethat can be added to the Organization.
The number of devices in an organization can not exceed the license limitations, if this occurs the Organization will enter a 30 day grace period during which the Organization must be brought back in compliance. Should the Organization not be brought back into Compliance it will be shut down until proper licensing is applied to the Organization. Note: During the grace period clients will notice no difference.


Cisco Meraki Licensing is co-terminating. This means the end dates for all licensing is averaged together based on device type and licensing limits. Suppose an organization had 2 separate Enterprise AP licenses, one license is for 2 APs spanning 1-year (365 days) and another for 1 AP spanning 5-years (1825 days). The co-termination value would be calculated as ((1825*1)+(365*2))/3= 851 days per AP. This allows an Organization to add more devices and licenses over time without having to worry about a myriad of license expiration dates. 

Note: The organization co-termination date does not depend on the current device count, but rather the license limit. Removing devices from a network or organization will not impact the co-termination date.

To calculate how licenses impact each other in an organization, use the Cisco Meraki License Calculator.

MX Meraki Licensing special considerations

Each organization is required to use either the Enterprise Edition or the Advanced Security Edition uniformly. For example, you can have all 25 appliances using Enterprise Edition or Advanced Security Edition, but you cannot have 20 appliances using one edition and 5 using the other edition. 

The following table provides a list of the additional features you get with the Advanced Security Licence.